In Loving Memory

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December 1973  -  July 1987

This is DMC's Mister Wolf.  He was my first Keeshond and I was

hooked on the breed from then on.  He was so in  tune with me

that he knew what I was going to do before I told him.  Although

he didn't earn his championship, he was the greatest friend and

sorely missed still after all these years.


This is Missey. My 17 1/2 year old Border Collie/ Aussie pound

puppy. She taught the Kees everything from tug of war to tag and

how to wrap me around their antics and not get into trouble. She is

truly missed as she crossed over the rainbow in April 2006. A truly

intelligent girl with loads to offer everyone.


    Ch. Legend's Thief of Heart      


 "Lil Princess"

  Ch. Legend's Royal Heir                            


"Lil Wolf"

  BISS Ch. Jen n Dis’ Barron Von Wolf                          


  Ch. Midnight’s Burning Legend